Where’s Barry Weisz from Storage Wars today? Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, cars


Who was Barry Weisz before becoming a star?

Barry Weisz was born in Demarest, New Jersey. He was born on February 11th, 1951. He was the son of Hy Weisz who himself was a record producer. Being close to his father, Barry often went to his father’s workplace where he met famous singers and other big names of the music industry. He gradually started getting interested in music and so he joined Cornell University where he made a name for himself. He also has a MBA degree from New York University.

His education choices and his hard work helped him to become a very famous and reputed Music Executive where he managed several record labels. His childhood dream had at last become true!

Turning point in his career

During his time in Cornell University he used to do rock and College radio promotions. After classes he would share his knowledge with other radio PDs which helped him to gain more knowledge about music.

But a turning point in his career was when Clive Davis and Clive Calder took him as an employee for Jive Records. This was great for him because now he was in a formal music company where he served as a Manager for Artist Development.

High positions held

His first music assignment was ‘A Flock of Seagulls’ after his he focused mainly on rap artist such as ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ and ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff’. His career took a lofty height when he became the president of Jive Records in 1995 and in 2002 went on to become CEO of Zomba Label Group.

Where’s Barry Weisz from Storage Wars today? Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, cars

Since Barry Weisz held so many important positions in the music industry including the CEO of Jive Label Group and after this the CEO of Universal Music he was bound to rise as a star. This also played a very important role in increasing his net worth. After few years Barry left Universal Music to start his own record company which goes by the name ‘RECORDS’. This was a very profitable venture by him.

  • Net worth: apart from all the official position held by Barry, he was also a reality TV series start called ‘Storage Wars’. This increased his star status furthermore! His net worth by the end of 2017 is estimated to be 10 million dollars.


  • Wife: Barry’s personal life is not much known to the public but it is known that he was married but now divorced and also has two children.


  • Cars: this has played an important role in Barry’s career. It was his interest in vintage cars that led him to become a star in Storage Wars. He gained a name for him called ‘the collector’ for collecting vintage cars and also selling it at high prices.

After 2015 Barry suddenly disappeared from the view of public and his current whereabouts is not knowing because he likes it thus way!

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