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Welcome to Anime Island!!


 You can find all the quizzes (except for the monthly quiz) on the "Quests" page which is on top) :)

All shops will be in shopping!

If the top menu doesn´t work you may find the shop URLs in the Find Shops Here page. There is a new shop! It´s Adopt a Chibi! Now you can adopt a chibi!

For Quizzes, use the Find Quizzes Here Page for the URLs.

The Monthly Quiz has been changed!
Hope you join!


Special News!
Every 2 Months, there will be a prize of 2,000 manga coins for one special member at random!
The Winner of February/March!!
Congrats and hope you enjoy your manga coins!!
The Monthly Quiz has been changed!!
There are New Quizzes!!!
New quizzes will be shown here once they are added to the site. You can find the quizzes by clicking "Quests" at the top of this page.
Now we have prizes! Go to the prize den today to claim your prize!
Get free manga coins when you level up to a certain level!


There is a new shop! It´s Adopt a Chibi! Now you can adopt a chibi

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