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Welcome to Woozworld 3.0! Since the real Woozworld isn´t working. I did a 3.0 Woozworld! The best thing is you can have your own profile page! Im your woozband SkylerWooz! You can add me if you want. Like i said Welcome to Woozworld 3.0 If you have any questions comment on my Profile page. You can always add us anytime at any day :D. As Woozbands We are on everyday. If you need help just ask on our profile page :)

We will have a SkylerWooz VS Nicholas Wooz Contest happening next week. To show who is better at making this site! So Hopefully vote one of us. We have tons of shops you can buy at :). Even  jobs. So we hope you feel at home at the website we made. Remember check out our blogs for more info :D

Woozworld Newspaper

We will be uploading games! And also avatars for boys! We have tons of shops we are gonna try to make other choices too :)

Your world your way!!!


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