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Hi there! Im Grace, the webmaster of this cute little site youre on!

When you use one of my extremely cute gifts that Ive left you here on this website, please LINK BACK. DO NOT direct link! To link me back, just copy/paste my link back button onto your site so people will know where you got what you got and they can come visit me aswell!

And please read our TOS (Terms Of Use)!!

If I go on other websites and find out that you guys have NOT been linking me back, I WILL discontinue the gifts I have left you one by one, so I can watch you suffer... Mwahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Anyhoodle, please remember to link back and enjoy my extremely cute gifts!!!

And dont forget to visit the Top Sites list to visit the sites I have explored and (so far) loved!


~ Grace ~


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