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Welcome to The Daisy World. There are pink castles, purple roads and a lot of dolls around to be your friend. The queen is called Alisha Rose Chan and she likes flowers that are pink.

This kingdom is managed by the kingdom advisor, Athena Belle Chan. She owns a blue castle.

To start a life here, firstly of course go to a free house. If you want to bunk with your friend, email ABC (Kingdom advisor) at She will then add your name to the house with your bunking friend!

You will need a wand to do anything. If one of the admins spot you without a wand, but you own other things, you will be kicked until you follow TDW Rules.

If you want to be one of the free roles below, just email ABC.

Fairy Queen: ABC

Fairy Princess: Alisha Rose

Fairy Stylist:

Fairy Police:



Kingdom Advisor:

1) ABC


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