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Crafter & Laughter
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Why Join?
Crafter & Laughter is an interactive (and completely free) website where members can find inspiration for projects, share ideas, participate in crafting challenges, and meet people who share the same love for crafting as you do!

With our world evolving, hobbies are bound to evolve as well and we strive for the art of crafting to remain apart of our world that is constantly changing. Join the site today for a fun way to share your crafts and look at othersī creations!

1. Donīt steal other peopleīs ideas
2. Donīt use swear words
3. Donīt be rude or degrade people
4. Have fun!

Check us out on Instagram too! Just tap the word Instagram above, follow, and get inspired! We want to see what you guys are doing, so make sure to tag us @crafterandlaughter and use the hashtag #crafter&laughter. We may even give you a shout out!

Made by Brianna Sipp and Grace Kazak :) 

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