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Quality Products and Brands: Crosby Turnbuckles

The nature of the heavy lift industry demands trustworthy, safe products. Trustworthy products come from trustworthy brands. If you’re looking to equip your worksite for the first time or are looking to replace your old turnbuckles it’s valuable to understand what brands can offer you the best products for each equipment type. In this article, we will explore Crosby turnbuckles, both their function as a product and the legacy of the brand. Understanding both sets of information will leave you feeling more confident in your search for equipment.

What Is a Turnbuckle?
Crosby turnbuckles are designed to help manage heavy lift tension. Very simple in design, turnbuckles allow for the adjustment of cable tension in an easy, safe, and reliable manner. The most basic turnbuckle designs consist of two eye bolts whose threaded ends are each screwed into a frame in such a way that the frame can be turned around to adjust the tension without disrupting the alignment of the cables.

Crosby turnbuckles are, understandably, designed to help with the lifting of larger loads, and as a result tend to be larger, more heavily reinforced, and more carefully designed. However, the basic design concept is preserved, meaning that use is simple and straightforward.

What Makes Crosby Stand Out As a Brand?
First off, Crosby is one of the oldest companies in the trade, having patents and innovations reaching back to the late 1800s. They continued to innovate all the way through the 1900s and into the modern day. Their remarkable resume includes a number of safety-focused developments including the beginning standard trend of rating products by Fatigue Rating and being the first company to forge load limit information directly onto their products to ensure safer workplaces.

In recent years especially, though, Crosby has set themselves apart as the company that focuses on delivering the most excellent customer experience possible. They make it part of their personality and brand to deliver good customer service, having a policy of training their employees to be knowledgeable experts of their products.

Additionally, Crosby has set themselves apart by leading the industry in technical training. Because of their long history and cumulative industry experience, Crosby is able to help encourage knowledgeability, safety, and quality via the training they sponsor and offer.

How Can I Learn How to Choose Crosby Turnbuckles?
Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to learn about Crosby turnbuckles. Of course, heading directly to Crosby’s corporate website is a fantastic way to locate load tables, product specifications, and supplementary learning materials. It’s always a good idea to start with the manufacturer when hoping to learn more about a product, especially with a manufacturer as thorough as Crosby.

However, it is not always enough to parse through tables and documentation. Sometimes it can be very helpful to have direct, insightful guidance when hoping to select a product. One option to get this sort of guidance is to seek training offered by authorized distributors or even Crosby themselves. Training can be very valuable in increasing general industry knowledge, growing equipment knowledge, and getting connections for your work at the same time.

Not everyone has the time or money to invest in formal training, though. Thankfully, you can also seek out a knowledgeable authorized distributor with trained and professional staff who can help guide your choices. If you’re preparing to buy but need a little more information before you do, come see us today. Our website,, offers easy contact information and a fantastic stock of American-made products, including Crosby products. We can help make sure your project is a brilliant, headache-free success.

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