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Yoga is not only soothing and therapeutic but the best part is that you can practice yoga anywhere. In order to do so you need a yoga mat & with so many options that might be somewhat overwhelming. There are many varieties of yoga mats on the market from which you can select. Unfortunately most of them contain latex and have poor grip factor. Some of the more popular Yoga mats have a textured surface but cost a fortune. Printed Yoga Mat Towel


Some yoga styles like Ashtanga and Bikram usually require using both a yoga towel and a sticky mat to avoid slipping.

Here are some of the tips that you should know before buying a Yoga mat for you!

1. Thickness

The thickness of your yoga mat is a key factor for comfort. If your mat is too thin it may cause discomfort to your knee in certain asanas. You may prefer a premium yoga mat that is 1/4 inch thick or if you are planning on traveling  you may prefer to pack a grippy yoga towel instead.

2. Material

Before purchasing a yoga mat, make sure the material is both eco-friendly and grippy. Natural rubber is a popular choice among environmentally conscious yogis, but for people who are sensitive to latex, rubber mats can be problematic, so make sure your yoga mat is latex and chemical free.

3. Texture

The texture influences or how much sliding & slipping goes on during your practice. Texture comes in both man-made as well as other materials. PVC yoga mats have a softer feel whereas the yoga mats made up of Jute which have a natural rough surface that might irritate those with sensitive skin.


Theres a large selection of mats on the market so take your time and choose one that compliments both your yoga routine and your personality. 

You might even consider choosing one with a print or pattern that Inspires You during your practice.  Vagabond-goods has a large variety of designs that appeal to the fashion forward yogi. These mats are not only thick, but also have a good grip and are latex and chemical free, not to mention absolutely stunning.

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