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Current Net Kritterz Version ------> 1.05

Planned Update date -----> NIL

THIS IS IMPORTANT ---> if you play minecraft continue to read : some dude called Jackraptor  (not his full mc name) is a HACKER , HE HACKS PEOPLE ... If you own a server or play on one please take note of this person..

hey i am eclipsecrafter9 and i will be taking over dragon999 as hes busy with stuff and more . i am going to update this game futhur and also please please if you can support me by just subscribing to me at and you can also PM me for what updates you want and items


hello and welcome to Net Kritterz

and i am the creator of the game

from eclipsecrafter9

game address is:


Hi welcome to Net Kritterz



welcome again to Net Kritterz ( i think i am going to say this 365 times)


news update

Net kritterz NEW BANK

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