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Are you a sour patcher? That´s cool. But do you know what´s even better? Winning sour patch shirts by earning at least 500 points! You can win any shirt from size range 4-16 (in girls). Talk to Sarah in order to play and jot down how many dollars you wasted in this game (virtual money). She will then give you 50 points for every 10 minutes you´ve played this game! Here is the job guide: -Police Officer: makes sure there is no uncomfortable activity (checks site for bad activity or language) -Web Trooper: Makes sure all users are following rules (checks site for hacking or unusual activity) -Video Uploader- Uploads videos every week (any videos that have been trending) -Site Designers- Helps design website every month (helps with decoration) -Website Play Helpers- Helps beginners with how to play. -Welcomer- Welcomes new visitors (comments every time a new person is online in Community section.) -User Helpers- answers any questions on technical website difficulties etc. -Gift Giver- Gives gifts to new users online (checks chat for any new users) -Link Uploader- Uploads any websites that have been trending lately -Chat Monitor- Monitors chat fdor unusual and bad activity to other users -Accountant-helps with banking and math.

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