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A Comparative Approach to Leading Online Dating Sites


50plusmatch is an online dating site, which targets people over 50 years of age. The organisation has started its business process from the year 2006. The website provided significant scope for the individuals above 50 years to find perfect partners for them. The organisation has been gaining significant market share over the years of performing such functions and is showing a positive trend towards gaining momentum in revenue collection. The organisation has initially started its business at Netherlands, but at the present day context, it is performing its business functions at different regions throughout the globe including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Belgium. 50plusmatch, in order to ensure efficient promotion of its products and/or services, is using several online platforms. 


Ashley-Madison is an online dating service providing company, which is based on Canada. Ashley-Madison mainly targets individuals who are married and committed to make an extra marital affair. The slogan of this website is recognised as “Life is short. Have an affair.” The website was launched in the year 2001 and in the current day context; it is available in several nations. These nations include China, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Korea, Russia, Denmark, India, and the UK among others. Ashley Madison significantly uses Guerrilla marketing strategy for the promotion of its services, as it executes unconventional marketing strategies. The several marketing tools that use by this organisation are radio, billboards, television commercials and online platforms among others.


Badoo is a commercial organisation, which provides dating services to its clients. Badoo was established in the year 2006 and at the present day context; it is available at different languages. The organisation has it’s headquarter at Soho, London. The service from this website is accessed over 180 nations and it is majorly popular at Latin America, Italy, Spain, and France among others. The organisation functions effectively with better use of various online platforms with gaining significant growth in its business process during the preceding few years.

Comparison of 50plusmatch, Ashley-Madison, and Badoo

From the above discussion, it can be ascertained that the websites namely 50plusmatch, Ashley-Madison, and Badoo provide online dating services to the end users. These organisations have extensively used online platforms for promotion apart from Ashley-Madison, who used other unconventional tools entailing television, radio and billboards. It is identified that these organisations have gained significant growth in the previous few years, which is apparent from their own performance in terms of high revenue collection. These services are present at different nations with the availability of different languages. 

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