Making sure everyone has the right to fresh water.

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Global Goals: Water and Sanitation

783 million people do not have access to clean water. That is more people than the whole of Europe.

Imagine having to walk several miles every day to just get a bucket full of dirty water. You could not simply say you were tired; Your family´s survival depends depend on this daily trip.

Dirty water is swarming with bugs. Still water attracts mosquitoes carrying malaria, a disease that gives people headaches,comas or could possibly kill people. Dirty water is likely to be infected by animal and human poo.

Our Targets are pretty straight forward. We want the whole world to feel like they have the right to survive and have the right to fresh water, fresh food and everything essential for survival needs.

1st Target: To make inventions which does not produce harmful greenhouse gases but still provide purified water.

2nd Target: Set-up machines to automate the process of purifying water.

3rd Target: To let everyone have fresh water by 2050, anywhere and everywhere.

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