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~Welcome to the Posse~

This is a special hangout for the posse members;

Gabby, Mya, Remi, Bella. Jack, and Joey.

If you have just stumbled upon this website and you are one of the posse members, please make an account so we can all talk and hangout!


Rule number one is..

Please do not abuse your powers on this website, if you ask for the administrator password to edit the website, please ask me, (Gabby) if you would like to add or change anything to or on the website.

Rule number two is..

You must create a forum, each posse member will be assigned a certain youtuber to create a forum for, and donŽt worry, I will be creating the forums. But, you will have to be posting on your forum as frequently as possible. And if you cannot upload to your forum for some reason, I will be glad to upload something for you. :)

Rule number three is..

Well this isnŽt really a rule but.. the homework will always be listed on this website. You can look to your left and you will see a button that says "Homework" and you can always click on it if we run out of paper or you missed a day.

Everything you need to know for the posse homework will always be listed right here on the home page. This column will list the future assignments, homework and all of their due dates.


Thursday Homework - Due the day when we get back from Spring break, March 23rd 2015. 



The Nichole test will be on March 27th, 2015. Remember to study everything you can about Nichole for the test, and donŽt worry, because posse members are always on a roll with Nichole.


The Nichole fan posse usually has meetings on oovoo every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you are ever not able to make it to a meeting, please message me, (Gabby) on this website or oovoo or text. You can also tell me or another posse member at school. We will not give you a tardy or missing if you do so. :)


That posse members cannot be pelafeens.

Thank you for your time.

Also.. I kind of feel like this should be our signature move.. ya dig?


1.) Remember to click the Videos button at the top to watch some of NicholeŽs videos.

2.) Click the Links button at the top to get a link to NicholeŽs youtube channel.

3.) Remember to always go to the 337Žers chat when you cannot go on oovoo, and if you decide to go to the 337Žers chat kik, message me on oovoo, or text me and iŽll talk to you.

4.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Make your profile name your REAL name. As you can see, my profile name is Gabby, for example if you are Remi, name your profile Remi.

5.) Go to the 337Žers Forum to post ideas, video suggestions, nice links, and just to chat about things you like :)

6.) DonŽt forget to upload on your forum frequently! If you would like me to add gifs or decorations to your forum just let me know.

7.) If you need help, just look at my tutorial posts on the 337Žers forum or just message me on oovoo or kik or text me.

8.) Remember that the homework will always be posted on the website, just click the Homework button. Monday homework is always do on Wednesdays, so it will be tests and Thursday homework which is on there.

Free I Love Nichole Cursors at www.totallyfreecursors.com

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