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Hey there!

Iīm Tuff, and Iīm a fwuff. You must be wondering what a fwuff is right? Fwuffs are these adorable, fluffy creatures from a different universe from yours-the Fwooniverse. And now the Fwooniverse is in trouble and it is up to you to save it from the evil Fwuffatron. Priyanka, Riya, Pranavi, Sravya and Malavika īalso known as "The Fwuffies",are the creators of the series:The Fwuffs! Prepare to read an adventure of a lifetime soon...                                                                                                      


Get ready to explore the magical world of fwuffs! You can also adopt a fwuff for yourself.But first.....sign up! Donīt worry itīs free. Be a part of this adorable world!

Once you adopt a fwuff, you can go on super fwuff missions and unlock other bonus features like your own virtual room for your fwuff and gain access to the fwuffalator which converts fwuffs into humans! You can also become a premium fwuff member which has more advantages. Donīt worry, itīs easy! Click here to learn more about premium membership.

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For more information, contact halbhaviriya@gmail.com, pranavixo@gmail.com or malavikadileep@hotmail.com




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