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A world where imagination is the limit...

Today is Tuesday, 23 May 2017

It´s currently Spring.

Spring is here, and so is the Queen of Spring!

Important: Following the cl0sure of TekTek.org, which we heavily relied on for our avatars, Rainbow Splash was abandoned. However- a solution would be IMVU. Not only is the selection HUGE, but the items are more detailed. The problem would be with heads- I would need to abandon the old idea of mix-and-match with eyes and mouths. Instead, there would be certain heads, with more constantly added, as well as different skins. Please bear with me as I clear up and improve Rainbow Splash so it can be up and running again, and put up the new avatar system! ♡

Rainbow Jottings issue coming out on FRIDAY!

Welcome to Rainbow Splash!

WELCOME TO THE RAINBOW SPLASH OFFICIAL RELEASE! Rainbow Splash is now fully released, have fun!

Welcome to Rainbow Splash, a world where everything is possible. Live your wildest dreams, all down on pixels. 

Show off your creativity, and display who you are. Take advantage of a friendly community where you will surely find great friends.

Rainbow Splash is largely powered and based off the ideas of our users. If you want us to know anything, don´t feel afraid to send a message to Holly! 

Daisy, the Queen of Spring


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