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Hello everyone, it´s ><>< here. I just wanted to say a couple of things before I leave (my work here is done).

First off, I get that this site is just a joke and you and Shelby are friends etc etc, but here´s the thing: this "raid" that occurred, with people like PantyEnthusiast and fuckmeintheass, it was borderline dangerous. Do you know all these people personally? No. I don´t think so. You don´t know if they´re all kids, you don´t know if they are hackers or not, you really don´t.

Secondly, this website as a whole is very insecure and honestly if I knew it was this bad when I first got on here I would have never signed up. My best advice to you all is that you leave and never come back, because honestly this site is not moderated and you don´t even need to be a hacker to "hack" on here.
because I know a lot of you won´t listen to that last part, my best advice to you all is to password protect your websites and if you know you have been hacked change your password asap. Do not use your personal email address on here and always keep your password on here separate from all your other passwords

Please, please, remember that this is a kids site. No gross pictures please, calm down on the swearing etc etc. Respect, people - I know it´s kind of ironic coming from the kid who hacked you but I did it for a reason:

The Reason I hacked you

I hacked you because I thought I saw a girl in danger of becoming depressed. As a kid who has suffered from depression in the past, I know it sucks, a lot. So I did what I did to try and (a) uncover the truth and (b) help. What I uncovered was that a lot of you were not even aware of the damage you were potentially doing. And what really upset me was this idea that you were doing good by "stopping the art stealer" but many of you (not all of you) took it too far.

Those of you who did take it too far, I hope you realise where you fell. Those of you who I may have hacked who were innocent, I apologise. I needed to use your accounts to get the message across.

Now I said you should leave this site, but I never said where to go...
The honest truth is you´ll have a tough time finding another site like this, but you all came here for basically the same reason (except for the trolls): to create. Creating is a passion of mine and it´s what drew me to this site to begin with. I suggest those of you who like to write (like me) get WattPad. those who like to draw, DeviantArt. And all of you, as boring as it sounds, the most fun thing ever is learning to code. You can create anything. Including a site just like this, easily! Great now I sound like one of those Glomart ads on TV...

Anyways, I´m rambling on... as usual. Please take my advice seriously before a really evil hacker comes here and does some serious damage... okay?
Good luck on your endeavours; peace


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