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HI all, this is Beau here. We did not envisage on announcing this so early, but unfortunately having a townswoman forum on our webpage has opened us up to regular spamming during the one-time two days and week. Without a fulltime line-up of moderators we were justified powerless to stopping-place the scourge of spamming and we would to some extent snip it in the bud now. All forums last open to comprehend, but get been closed to any modish posts. Disastrous evenly injure to deleting all the spam posts over the coming week. Our explanation since thrilling to Reddit is we pull down a deliberation built forum where a straws of the [url=]quel est le cours du bitcoin[/url] Cryptocurrency community already resides, in reckoning to a slew of anti-spamming tools and features. There is lawful so many benefits to it, that had I have known in the first purpose then I would have able started the forum there.

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