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How to enable On-Access Scanning with Sophos Antivirus Technical Support? 

The Blow discussion will allow you to enable On-Access Scanning in Sophos Antivirus but anyhow if there is any issue or query, then don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us on the toll-free Sophos Antivirus Support Phone Number – 1-888-510-6016. The certified and experienced technical professionals of Pctech24 to whom you’ll connect with this helpline number will provide instant, reliable and effectual customer support services. Our technicalspecialists are skilled, talented and have complete knowledge about Sophos antivirus, call us on our 24x7 available support phone number to resolve all types of issues with your Sophos Antivirus Security Suite.     

Nowadays, the world around us has become digitally advanced world where uncertainty is everywhere. Advancing Technology has offered an environment that not only incorporates a luxurious life but also the vulnerable attacks. The wide range of technical device is a collection of machines and tools that enable us to accomplish our work at a rapid rate but even a small technical issue in the functioning of these systems can pause the entire working experience. Hence to avoid hampering of the work due to some technical issues in the computing systems we need to install and use the excellent of utility software’s. What’s best then an antivirus security suite when it comes to utility software. In this digital era everyone is running fast to attain the top-most position, somewhere Sophos Antivirus has been listed amongst the winners of the hearts of the customers.

Sophos Antivirus Security

Sophos antivirus is a free, command line-only and real-time scanner for user’s server as well as system. Sophos has provided a large range of antivirus security products in order to safeguard small, medium as well as large businesses.  Sophos products are in the list of top rated antivirus security programs and therefore adopted by a large number of customers globally. Remember, no server as well as technical device is 100% safe, regardless it is connected to the internet or not. Thus, adding an efficient antivirus like Sophos has become necessity to ensure complete protection of your technical device against recent as well as emerging threats. Till now we have read about several features and errors of Sophos Antivirus, but here in this blog we will read; How to enable On-Access Scanning in Sophos Antivirus?’

On-access scanning In Sophos Antivirus

It is one of the feature in Sophos Antivirus that offers real time scanning of the entire system. Though it may consume CPU cycles yet recommended to keep it enable by the technical customer support professionals. The Sophos Antivirus Technical Customer Support experts of Pctech24 are long term experienced and keeps on making researches to deal with the issues with Sophos as well as other Antivirus products. They have complete knowledge about Sophos Antivirus and always provide correct guidance.   

Enable On-access scanning option will appear at your system screen while installing the Sophos Antivirus.  It is a real-time scanning option that is recommended to make and keep enable always. No doubt it will consume CPU cycles, but seems as users’ best bet unless they want to create their own bash scripts and CRON jobs for regular scanning.

Users can enable it simply either by typing ‘Y’ followed by hitting Enter key or just by pressing the Enter Key (as Yes is the default), whenever  prompted.

Once the on-access scanning is enabled, the installer will prompt the users for an update location. Users can select any out of the three choices:


·         Sophos: Download definition updates from the official Sophos servers.

·         Your own server: Download definition updates from an On-premise server.

·         None: Do not download definition updates.


If you are not willing to set up an update server, then you are recommend going with the default Sophos. Either type ‘S’ and hit Enter key, or just hit Enter key.



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