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About the Main Six

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Luna the Pink Leopard

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Luna is the first main one. She is a Girl and she is 16 years old in human years and 3 years old in cat years. Her BPFF (best pet friend forever) is Foxy. She is on the  pages with this picture and she is on the home page and other pages. sometimes she hides in shops, Places and in some quests. she is a hiding champion of her friends, EVEN HER BPFF CANT FIND HER WHILE PLAYING HIDE N SEEK! LOL :3! so be looking around because you might find her!

Foxy the Fox

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Foxy is Second main character.She is a girl and she is 16 in human years and 2 in fox years. Her BPFF is Luna. She is on the places page () and on quest pages. She is the fastest from her firends, so every time Foxy and her friends play tag, if Foxy is the one who has to tag somepet, she tags a pet in 3 seconds and runs so fast, and if she is not on to tag somepet then she never gets taged!

Dash the Swan

Dash is the third main character.He is a boy and he is 17 in human years and 3 in swan years.Dash is on the shop pages. he sells lots of stuff and sometimes, he lets users make a shop! He is very good at flying and he can fly upto 70 feet height.He doesnt have a BPFF because he is busy with the shops.

Scar the Panda

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Scar is a very helpful and clever panda. He is a boy and his age is mystery. It is said that pets with a star on their forehead or legs/arms are from the stars that we see at night! No one knows. You can find Scar in the libary, book section or on the FAQ Page!

Angora the Angora Bunny

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Angora is a very fun Angora bunny. She is a girl and she is 12 in human years and 4 months in Angora Bunny years. Angora is on the forum pages. She is also known as purple demon because she can make anyone in trouble, No matter who! But she never does that on her friends. BTW She loves hosting parties and having adventures!

Liza the bumble bee

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Liza is a sciencetist and the cleverest one out of the maine 6. She wish to work with Scar In his library but, he works with other pets. Anyways she works in the banks! when she does not work, she studies. Also her favorite thing to study is HONEY! And i forgot to tell that she is a girl and 10 years old in human years and 2 years in bumble bee years

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