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Welcome to the Adoption Center - Here you can buy virtual pets to name and love!

 Private message me, BellaTwilightSaga, your new pets name, date of birth, date you bought it, and itīs nickname. Iīll make up the rest of the profile to be as cute and adorable as your animal.


      Reminder: If you donīt feed your pet for 3 or more days in a row, your pet may get sick, run away for a little while, or die. (1 bag of food only lasts up to 8 days, the food makes your pet sick when the food is 10 days old and the food tastes gross for your pet at 6 days)


2 Kittens - Price: 750 Coins
Buy Now !

Kitten - Price: 400 Coins
Buy Now !

Golden Retreivers - Price: 2000 Coins
Buy Now !

Collar - Price: 13 Coins
Buy Now !

Waste shovel - Price: 6 Coins
Buy Now !

Litter box for any species - Price: 19 Coins
Buy Now !

Cat Litter - Price: 6 Coins
Buy Now !

Dog Food - Price: 5 Coins
Buy Now !

Fish Food - Price: 3 Coins
Buy Now !

Cat Food - Price: 4 Coins
Buy Now !

Pretty Girl Bed - Price: 34 Coins
Buy Now !

Blue Pet Bed - Price: 29 Coins
Buy Now !

Teacup Yorkie Triplets - Price: 2000 Coins
Buy Now !

Teacup Chihuahua - Price: 599 Coins
Buy Now !

White Teacup Poodle - Price: 499 Coins
Buy Now !

Pampered Princess ~ Teacup Yorkie - Price: 600 Coins
Buy Now !

Creamy colored teacup poodle - Price: 499 Coins
Buy Now !

Opposite Triplet Teacup Poodles - Price: 2399 Coins
Buy Now !

Black Teacup Poodle - Price: 499 Coins
Buy Now !

Holiday Spirt Teacup Maltese - Price: 599 Coins
Buy Now !

Teacup Maltese - Price: 529 Coins
Buy Now !

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