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Welcome to Bella´s Breakfast Buffet - I´m Bella, your waitress for today, how may I help you? We have sausages, pancakes, waffles, toast, bacon, eggs (scrambled or hardboiled), cereal, and more coming soon. For beverages [drinks] we have coffee, milk, orange juice, water, or hot chocolate (limited time offer). I will be right back with your meal.


              Please enjoy your meal. :)

Glass of water - Price: 1 Coins
Buy Now !

Glass of Orange Juice - Price: 2 Coins
Buy Now !

Tea - Price: 3 Coins
Buy Now !

Glass of Milk - Price: 2 Coins
Buy Now !

Coffee - Price: 2 Coins
Buy Now !

Bacon - Price: 4 Coins
Buy Now !

Toast - Price: 2 Coins
Buy Now !

Blueberry pancakes - Price: 4 Coins
Buy Now !

Pancakes - Price: 3 Coins
Buy Now !

Sausages - Price: 3 Coins
Buy Now !

Hardboiled Eggs - Price: 4 Coins
Buy Now !

Scrambled Eggs - Price: 3 Coins
Buy Now !

Full Breakfast Meal - Price: 6 Coins
Buy Now !

Welcome to Celebrity City! Administrator : BellaTwilightSaga  Assistant Administrator and Head Officer : Selena.


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