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Welcome to Build A bear Workshop! Buy build a bears here! [Sorry, not in real life, and no ID and key codes] Private message BellaTwilightSaga [me] your username. I´ll check out your profile and if you have bought a bear, I will give you a code to!

 And, for someones birthday, a present is [online present is] to Private message me that you want to give [friends username] [amount of points on a gift card] and I will transfer some money off your account, and give it to [friend] to use here! I can´t wait to see people use this shop. Have fun!

Plus, Private message me when you purchase ANY BEAR and tell what type of bear, the name, and the date of birth to get a birth certificate for you!

Shake It Up Bunny - Price: 24 Coins
Buy Now !

Fluffy Patchwork Bunny - Price: 14 Coins
Buy Now !

Friends Count Star Bear - Price: 18 Coins
Buy Now !

Lil Bunny Big Ears - Price: 19 Coins
Buy Now !

Twinke Toes Bear - Price: 18 Coins
Buy Now !

Sketchers Bear - Price: 18 Coins
Buy Now !

100 million bears sold party bear! - Price: 21 Coins
Buy Now !

BFF Heart Bunny - Price: 19 Coins
Buy Now !

Blossom Bunny - Price: 16 Coins
Buy Now !

Welcome to Celebrity City! Administrator : BellaTwilightSaga  Assistant Administrator and Head Officer : Selena.

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