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Must be over the age of 16, qualify for a mod(is the first step), have experience(not necessarily in the game) and pass both the admin test and trial.

Admin test:

1. If someone broke a rule, what would you do?

2. Name every rule

3. How often will you log in to check the 


4. I am new. Tell me what I can do here and how

 to play.

5. How would you improve this site?

6. What do you think of this site? Be honest, I

 prefer criticism to praise.

7. Tell me one case in which you had to use your

 ´admin´ skills.

8. Show an example of what your profile would 

look like if you became an admin.

9. What one colour must admins write in?

10. Write one paragraph about anything.

11. Write one description of yourself in the game.

12. What is your email address? This is so that I can keep in contact with you about the site. If you don´t want to stay in contact or anything, leave this bit blank.

13. Send me a link to the home page.

14. What year were you born in?

15. Would you accept this mod form?

I will PM you the mod form. PM me the answers.

About the admin trial

I will put you on a try-out trial thing before letting you become a proper admin. If you are an admin it means that you can help to build the site as well as also helping to take care of bad behaviour. During the admin trial I will monitor how you do certain things and compare them to how I want an admin to behave. When this page is deleted, it means that there are no more spaces for admins. You must also log in regularly and when you do, post in the guest book so that I know you have logged in(it also shows me how good your memory is). 

What an admin can do

Admins help to build the site and keep the site in order. Admins can also accept mod forms. When you become an admin, I will give you the password and email to my myfirstworld (mfw) account. This does not mean that you can take complete charge of the website at all. Before you make any changes to the website, you must first email me at taralizflavin@gmail.com. If you break this one rule, I will dismiss you of being an admin by changing the password. Don´t worry other admins as I will email/PM you the new password.

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

Please take a quiz to find out who your godly parent is and which cabin you belong to!

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