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You walk in when you see a book. If you read it, continue. If you don´t, leave.

The book says "My backpack felt heavier than normal. I had to stop climbing or I would collapse. "Grover, could you carry this? It feels really heavy." I asked Grover. "Yea, sure. Anything for you..." Grover heaved the backpack off of my back and fell to the floor. "It sure is heavy." he panted. 

"C´mon boys. What´s the hold up? Aww, can´t seaweed brain carry an empty backpack?" My girlfriend sneered. I could tell she was joking but it made me wonder, it is empty so what the hell could be making it so heavy? We didn´t have time to look inside though, because that was when we were attacked by the wind."

Type in the name of the book you think you just read. If you get it right, click here.

Be sure to type the answer with capitals, like this:

I´m an Admin.

Words like a, and and not the don´t need capital letters. The rest do. I´ll give you a hint, every word has a capital except for one. Like I said^^^^ the needs a capital.

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