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Bloom here! So, I thought maybe I should tell you guys how to become a fairy, itīs a repeatedly asked question, I thought I should get it over with. So please donīt ask the question again! Love you guys!
Well, fairys arenīt seen by eye and by looks. Fairys come from the inside, not the outside. But some people arenīt fairys, why? Because they donīt beleive! Beleive your a fairy and I promise you are one. And growing your wings is by your acts of kindness,bravery, and friendship. How can you transform? Well, like I said, to earn charmix show some bravery. Enchantix, do a big sacrifice. Beleivix, get your friends to beleive in you and magic! But the most important thing about a fairy is that they beleive there selfs. I bet you can beat the Trix the more you believe. Wait, donīt be too nice, that shows that you dont have a big personality. Would you like to be called "nice"? Or "well she is funny, cool, brave, friendly, and a bit crazy at times!" see the difference! But remember, itīs not a spell, itīs you! 
Now do me a favor. Close your eyes, feel your insides, think really hard, and beleive. See that fairy? Itīs you! Donīt see her? Beleive more harder.
Are boys fairys?

Well, its difrent from magics and from earth. You can call your crush a "specialist", though its diffrent. With boys, theres no specialist on earth. Boys are very diffrent, with fairys, girls are so much the same.

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