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1D Things that you did not know Facts

1. Zayn says if he was a girl he´d date Liam 
2.Harry HATES olives.
3.Zayn used to eat  paper when he was younger.
4.Niall annoys zayn by singing everything in opera.
5.Harry carries at least 3 twix bars with him.
6.Harry thought " The Hunger Games " was about food.
7.Zayn doesn´t like his lips
8.Harry and Loui met first at the toilets at X factor
9.Harry likes girls who wear pink.( in my opinion if you ever see them WEAR PINK!!!).
10.Louis can play a little bit of piano.
11.Zayn can play the Triangle.
12.Harry can play the Kazoo.
13.Liam can beatbox.
14.Liam can a bit of piano and guitar.
15.Niall loves playing the guitar.
16.Harry says if he had the chance , he´d date Taylor swift
17.Niall sings loud when he is in the shower.
18.Zayn likes girls who are intelligent.
19.Niall Cried when he was watching " Finding Nemo"
20.Liam cried when he watched toy story 3.

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