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Creative writing requires immense attention because you need to concentrate on your writing. Do all it takes to make your work enticing and capture the attention of most readers with a good creative writing structure. Being a good creative writer requires important writing techniques that you must equip yourself with. Here are some effective techniques for creative writing that you need.
1) Create an Appropriate Time to Write 
You need to have all the necessary materials that will facilitate the writing of your creative essay. This will give you enough preparation so that you waste no time. Creative writing requires too much time because you need to concentrate fully. Be very comfortable and composed to be able to meet your set deadlines. So, ensure you have zero distractions when you start writing.
2) Identify your Audience
You should always know your audience before writing to them. This will enable us to identify their interests and focus your piece of writing to them. This will also enable you to know different approaches so that you tailor your work to the audience. A creative piece should capture the attention of your audience and excite them. Only good creative writing techniques can do the trick. 
3) Make Use of Metaphor and SimileWhen you add metaphor and simile in your creative writing, it will make your reader stay active when they are going through your work. Moreover, these metaphors and simile raise your readers´ attention towards your writing. This will appear like spicing your work and making it juicier.
4) Include Attention-Grabbing Opening
In creative writing essay, your first sentence should always grab the attention of your readers. This will determine whether the reader will read to the end or not. You need to make it more creative enough to avoid chances of rejection, especially if you are applying to enter college. It should hook your reader and enable him or her to consider your application. You can also enter college easily with EduBirdie if you give the professionals a chance to write your essay.
5) Proofread your WorkEnsure you finish your writing before the deadline so that you have enough time to proofread. Going through your work enables you to edit out any unnecessary information you might have included when writing. Proofreading will also enable you to add some important information that you omitted when writing while in a rush. Edit your work at the end of writing for fluency and accuracy. Avoid making silly writing mistakes to earn the trust of your readers.
Practice simple writing tips from time to time to improve your work. Things change every day, and creative writing is always taking twists and turns. Therefore, you need to stay up to date with the latest creative writing methods to improve your work. Borrow ideas from more experienced writers

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