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6 Challenges for Students and Their Parents

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The process of transitioning into college life is quite daunting for both students and their parents. It represents a significant milestone in the timeline towards being an adult and independent of parental advice. However, understanding the inherent campus challenges and proffering early solutions to these problems helps in smoothing the process, ensuring an effortless transition.For parents that tend towards the extremes of either being too permissive or authoritarian, adjusting to this new reality may come as a shock. Although the change in style might not come easy, and they may fail at the first try, they should persist until they find that common ground in approaching issues with their college students.
Therefore, a change in approach is quite imperative to face the unique set of challenges that comes with students gaining admission to study at college. Apart from the myriad of problems the transition poses, the need in current contemporary society to provide continued support beyond the age of eighteen necessitates providing such assistance. This article examines six challenges that face college students and how to navigate them to ensure a hitch-free college life.            
 1) Financial Challenges
The primary problems college students face relates to the payment of tuition fees and all sundry charges. This issue is an age long challenge, and students should not freak out due to this because it affects the vast majority of college students. It is a known fact after paying mandatory fees that college students are always broke, and it is an established tradition. To combat this issue, the best bet in dealing with money issues to avoid using credit cards and pay for expenses with cash. Using this method ensures proper accountability and prevents mounting debts. Furthermore, creating a monthly budget and getting a part-time job to ease the credit crunch is essential. However, the job should not be at the detriment of studying and passing out with good grades.  

2) Academic ChallengesThe noticeable changes in academic workload from the high school as compared to the college represent a significant change and may require that students seek assistance from reliable sources. Sometimes when students get overwhelmed with this increased workload, it causes them to lose focus, and their grades suffer. Students with an overwhelming workload can click at EduBirdie website where they can browse through a list of experts that can help them lessen the academic workload challenges.    
3) Transition Challenges
For a sizeable number of college students, gaining admission and living on college campus represents the first time they are having the freedom of leaving the protective custody of their parents. Many get homesick and miss the usual routine and daily commute, including friends and families. Sometimes, the expectations as gleaned from the brochure are quite different from the reality experienced on reaching the college campus. Adjusting quickly to the realities help students navigates the myriad of problems associated with college life. Students should find the inner strength to wade through these challenges because it helps in preparing them for the harsher life realities.

4) Stress and Health Challenges
A change in the environment sometimes causes health challenges for individuals suffering from some specific allergies. Also, the academic stress as occasioned by worrying about grades and financial burden due to being broke coupled with commuting between work and classes promotes stress leading to deteriorating health conditions. Learning stress coping mechanisms helps in this regards. Coping mechanisms involve activities such as mediation, exercise, praying, including talking with parents and friends.     

5) Relationships Challenges
The process of keeping touch with old friends and making new ones represents a whole lot of new challenges. This change may cause many students to be melancholic at this prospect. Most college students, due to lack of funds, have to share rooms with colleagues with whom they have differing lifestyles, values, culture, and religious orientation. Some roommates hit it off immediately while some have strained relationships. Parents should help their wards by encouraging them to work things out first, and it does not work out; they can seek to switch roommates when the situation becomes intolerable.   

6) College Life and Time Management Challenges
The sheer amount of activities competing for studentsí attention on the college campus is enormous. Finding a balance between these extracurricular activities and college students establishing their identity as they transition from adolescent years into adult remains delicate. Spreading themselves too thin on these activities can lead to their academic grades taking a nosedive. Thus, college students should learn proper time management techniques and resist the temptation to ignore the academic workload, which is their primary focus. Prioritizing activities and following time tested tips from experts help in this regard.

Students should learn to seek help from the appropriate channel when faced with one or more challenges on the college campus. For a college students problem, most schools have readymade solutions to attend to them. In the case of academic difficulties, talking to faculty professors and advisors for help, including visiting above listed site helps lessen the burden. For financial problems, approaching the financial aid office provides a solution in this regards. The campus clinic is best suited to handle mental, physical, and stress issues. At these campus clinics, students will find doctors and nurses willing to assist in solving such problems. Students should remember not to resort to self-help and stay away from using drugs to escape the daily academic grind.

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