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What are Your Top Social Media Marketing Tools?

Social media marketing is an important pillar of business marketing these days. If your brand isnt active on social media then you could lose a lot of business. This is the reason why all major brands have some kind of social media presence, and why they are very active on different social media platforms. However, having various social media profiles can sometimes be too overwhelming. You arent quite able to manage all of them at once. To solve this problem, various social media marketing tools have been generated. These tools help marketers to keep track of their different social media profiles. Here are some of the top social media marketing tools available at the moment.



Hootsuite is a tool created to provide you the ability to manage all of your social media accounts under one roof. It offers you a dashboard from where you can monitor all of your social media feeds. Moreover, Hootsuite also allows you to schedule new posts for each of your social media accounts. It automatically posts new content at the scheduled time so you do not have to worry about posting content at different times of the day. Hootsuite also provides a cloud storage facility for your content which is to be posted online at a later time.

Sprout Social

Having conversations with the people that are following you on social media is a great way of building trust in your brands audience. However, it can become very difficult to do so if you have multiple accounts on a single social media platform. This is where Sprout Social can come to your aid. This smart little tool allows you to keep track of all the social conversations taking place across all your social media accounts. With the help of Sprout Social, you can easily find and join a conversation, and continue to build your brand community.  


Agorapulse is another excellent social media marketing tool that has quickly captured the imagination of marketers thanks to its excellent analytical reporting features. You can easily get an overview of metrics like brand awareness, engagement and your target audience from the reports generated by this amazing tool. 

Anchor Digital is a leading SEO company based in Brisbane, Australia. If you want help with your social media marketing strategy then we can provide assistance to you in this field.

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