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Some people are skeptical about the issue of sport in college. They do not see how sport will help the students. They feel that sports will divert studentís attention from their studies. They believe that sports undermine college studies and recommend that it should be removed. Unlike their argument, did you know that sport has a great value to college students? Sports require some skills and commitment. This is important to the students. Here are five major values one can get from college sport:

1)     Make Connection

A sport is a good way of making connections in universities. When you participate in a team, you are likely to form a long-lasting relationship. The friendship is contributed by the time team members spend together playing. They will share similar interest and emotions when they win or lose. This helps them connect more. When they go to compete with other colleges, connections keep on increasing.

2)     Get Shape

Many believe that college students are always bored and very lazy. Some students hate going to the gym while some simply lack any motivation. Did you know that when you participate in sports, you will get a better shape? You will enjoy participating as you burn out some calories and stay healthy. You will also stay focused on the coming competition. In case your professor asks you to write about college sport, and you have no idea where to begin, visit EduBirdie. They will help you to write and edit your essay.

3)     Discover And Deepen Your Passion

Do you know what your passion and interests are? When you start participating in sports, you will not only discover your passion. You will deepen it. It will help develop and utilize your unique skills. You will also discover a new interest.

4)     Helps You Become A Better Student

This does not mean that when you join sports at the beginning of the term, you will miraculously score a good grade. It means that sports help you to reduce stress and re-energize you to focus on your academic work. Once you can focus, you will improve your grades. Due to the strictness of the sports, you can learn how to manage your time effectively. Any opportunity you get to read, you will utilize it well.

5)     Get Hired

When searching for job employers understand important of sports to the players. They understand that as a player, you can manage time properly and work as a team. They also know that a player has a competitive mindset and can communicate effectively with his team. All these qualities are important in companies. Therefore, if you indicate that you participated in college sports, the chances of getting the job are high.


Despite there being a conflict about the college sport, you will agree that sport is important. The students can connect, creating a long-lasting friendship. They can know and develop their passion and become better students. After completing their studies, they are likely to be employed faster than dormant students are.

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