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Are you ready for you daily quest?

Before you can become a great cult leader, you will have to complete a few steps.

Step One: Choosing an Elder God

Its important to choose a god that you have a strong connection with. To choose a god, sign in, and then click on the  icon on your profile page. This will bring you to a God Selection Page. You can also click on this everyday to redeem your daily reward.

Step Two: Gaining Cultists

There´s no such thing as a cult without cultists! But you´re in luck! The Black Market has tons of places to buy prisoners that will then act as your cultists! To get to the Black Market, click on the ´World Map´ button on the top of the page and then select ´Black Market´.

Step Three: Leveling Up

The more you explore, the more Blood Coins you will earn. You can use these coins to level up to gain access to more areas! To level up, click on the  icon. It will cost you 1,000 Blood Coins each time you level up.

Step Four: Profit

Keep exploring and growing your cult and soon you may be a very successful cult leader!

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