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Writing can be frustrating especially when your writing skills are lacking. You might write well occasionally, but lack of consistency can still affect your scores. In todays world, technology has made innovative discoveries that can now help students improve their writing skills. These developments have been incorporated into the system and used as study resources. Below is a list of how technology has helped students improve their writing:

1)     Offers Additional Resources

Writing requires you to have all the information you can get to create an amazing piece. Technology makes it possible by bringing resources to get this information from closer to you. Search engines, e-books, citations sites, blogs, and websites can provide this information with a few clicks. It also provides extra content closely related to your search increasing your options. Accessing information can be done from a PC or phone provided you have internet, and this saves on writing time that can be used for more tasks.

2)     Editing Services

The more you write, the more likely you are to make errors. You can eliminate this by using online editing tools that can identify these errors on your behalf. The sites are designed to spot grammatical errors, structural errors and even the overall readability of your content. This makes your content sound better and well scripted. While looking for sites that can do all that, you may find EduBirdie helpful for you.

3)     Plagiarism Checker Services

Most assignments are repeated. The likelihood of having similar content with students who wrote using the same approach is high. You can eliminate this doubt by checking if there is similar content out there using plagiarism apps and programs. Once found, you can edit the similar bits or rewrite the whole piece again and repeat the process until you ascertain your content is as unique as it can be.

4)     Enhanced Writing Platforms

Through enhanced writing platforms, teachers can now give individual feedback on every students essay. This helps them work on their specific problems, which goes a long way in improving their writing. Students can also collaborate and critic the content uploaded. The feedback given helps them realize writing areas to improve on.

5)     Practice Sites

Developers have come up with programs that are designed to help you improve your writing by practicing how to write. The sites focus on word construction, spelling, vocabulary creation, and speed. Other sites provide e-books and scripts that you can read to improve your creativity in writing as well.


It is inevitable for learning institutions to disregard the technological changes that have taken place. Allowing students to incorporate technology in writing can be beneficial as it helps them improve their writing skills. Technology might not turn you into a better writer but it will help you start the journey of becoming the best with time, and you should embrace it.

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