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The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller has a large basket underneath so can put your bags in it instead of carrying it. With six different unique colors to choose from, youíll find one that will both suit you and your baby.

Bear in mind that you are not the only one to push your baby around in the UPPAbaby Eco-friendly Vista Stroller, that is why the handle is adjustable so that no matter what you or your husbandís height is, you can still be comfortable by adjusting it to your preference.

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The UPPAbaby Eco-friendly Vista Stroller is made to give a smooth and sturdy ride. It is made with shock-absorbing front and rear suspension so that bumps on the pavement will not disturb your little one and you donít have to be bothered with flat tires because the wheels are high performance aluminum spoke and coated with rubber.

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