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Coming To Dubai Using A Visa Agent

Now that the holidays are here, many people will be looking to forward to travel to their holiday destination. For those who are hoping to come to Dubai, getting a valid visitorís visa is very important. Except you are from one of the countries that have visa free arrangements with Dubai, you will need a visitorís visa before you can be allowed into the country.


Getting a Dubai Visa should not be difficult and most people will be able to go through the process themselves. However, there are those who will prefer to use best and professional Immigration Lawyer. While this is also a good idea, you should be careful enough to understand the implications of using an agent. When you want to use and agent to help you with your visa application or you can visit online website for more information. You have to be sure to understand the following.

Use an Approved Migration Agent

In Dubai, there are recognized agents that have been given the approval to work as agents for helping visitors process their visas. For travelers, this means they should check carefully to ensure that any agent they decide to use has the necessary approvals. There approved agents within Dubai as well as without. These agents have websites through which they can be contacted. In the age of the internet where there are many impostors, it is only normal that those using online services exercise some amount of caution. You can check duly registered agents on the website of the migration authority in Dubai. If you are facing any problem then you can get help from best online websites.

When you decide to use a migration agent, the agent will use Form 956 to notify the migration authority.  Meanwhile you the client will have to sign Q24 which is declaration by the client on the form to attest that you have given your consent. This means that you have handed over any issues concerning your visa application to the agent. All discussions concerning the visa will be dealt with by the agent.

This means that if the UAE visa authority has any questions about your application, they will address them to your agent. It also means that once any correspondence is sent to your agent, it is considered that it has been received by you.


The cost

Most Dubai visa agents will charge a fee for the services they will be providing to you. This fee may vary depending on the services you are requesting. Nevertheless, the website of the regulatory body for agents has costs that agents are expected to charge. Note however that such cost may vary with service providers.

When you use an agent to help in your visa process, you need to manage your expectations carefully. While the agent understands the way the immigration system in the country works, there is no guarantee that you will be granted a visa. That decision rests with the consular staff.


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