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How do I backup my AOL Desktop Gold?
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Keeping AOL desktop gold data and other files related to it is an easy process that can help you from moving one computer to another in the safest way. You can create a backup of your AOL desktop gold in an easy way. After successfully Install AOL Gold to a new computer you can create a backup and enjoy using your old files and retrieve your emails as well. Now there are two ways to do so. It is up to you what you would like to proceed with. So go through this blog and that will certainly help you to remove your problem.


Type 1. Import and export data to another computer

Now if you want your old data and emails to access on your computer with AOL desktop gold, you can do it easily by following these steps given below:


·        First, you need to sign into your AOL desktop Gold account

·        Then go to the settings

·        Click on “My data tab”

·        Now select “Import” or “Export” option

·        Then you have to select all the files that you want to move

·        While exporting you need to create a password that will be required when you import


Type 2. Import AOL gold data from a previous version

Now if you are using a new account for AOL gold then you can easily import data from your previous account with these steps:


·        Log into your AOL account

·        Go the “File” option

·        Now you have to select “Import wizard” option

·        Press the “Ok” button to start the process

·        Click “Ok” again to complete the process


Type 3. Create an easy backup to your AOL desktop gold

·        Search file named as .abi

·        Select the folder “C_America Online 9.0

·        Click to organize folder

·        Press “Edit/copy” option

·        Now you have the freedom to choose any folder where you want to locate this file

·        Then go to the menu and select the option “edit/paste”


As you have witnessed you can easily create a backup of your AOL desktop gold. This software is designed for the latest advanced innovative experience. So it always gets updated and you need to AOL Gold install newer version to get a fresh experience. Now, whenever you want to update your AOL desktop gold or move to one computer form another you can easily do so with the help of this solution that was provided above.


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