The Crucible Essay Writing Guide for Students Who Want an A+

Mention the word essay to students and watch their reactions. Some will be excited while others react as if they have been hit by a truck. These expressions show the struggle levels on each student when it comes to essay writing. Some have an easy time while others struggle a lot. You might have the will to write, but without the skills, you might not achieve much. Below is a simple guide that will equip you with the right skills to write essays that can earn you an A+.

1) Prepare In Advance

Before writing, you should at the very least set up for the essay writing activity. Have the materials you need to write with at hand. Keep off distractions too to increase your concentration levels. You can also seclude yourself in a confined space to avoid interruptions.

2) Decide On a Topic

Some essays come with a topic. This might ease your task. However, there are some you have to get creative and come up with one. These essays require creativity to ensure that they fit the context you plan to write about. Choose a strong topic that will enable you to create content. Weak topics will leave you no room for creativity. You can request those around you to assist with a title or seek further assistance from online sources such as the crucible essay topics.

3) Lay It Out

Once you have a topic, it is time to write your essay. Write down crucial points you would not want to miss in your essay. You can also arrange them to ensure those that carry more flesh and weight come first. Make sure your essay has the three main parts that an essay ought to have. These parts are the introduction, body, and conclusion. You can time yourself to see if you can write as expected or take all the time you need to create a masterpiece.

4) Edit, Edit, Edit

We cannot emphasize any more. Once you have written your content, re-read it repeatedly to correct the errors on it. Common errors found on essays include grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. These mistakes might appear small, but they can hinder you from getting that A+ you have worked so hard for. You can manually proofread the content or use tools available to identify and correct these errors.

5) Practice

Practice makes perfect, and that is not far from the truth when it comes to essay writing. To understand the concepts and master them, you need to practice. You can create time for essay writing daily to improve your skills. Additionally, have someone review what you write to correct your errors or affirm your writing.


Essays can be as easy as ABC or as difficult as moving a mountain. Following the guide above will see you attain that A+ you need so badly. It would be best if you also had patience as it takes time to get better at it.


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