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One of the top secrets to landing scholarships to pay for college according to Forbes is to follow all the essay guidelines and proofread your work. There is a lot more to this than what meets the eye. Studying is challenging.

Writing A+ content that can earn you a scholarship is even harder. You do not wish to waste too much time struggling with a tight deadline only to end up with disappointments on the ultimate day. However, how exactly can you go about it? You might be wondering. Well, here are the top five tips for writing a top-class essay that the judges will find hard to reject.

1. Grab the Readers Attention

The role of a captivating introduction in writing a great essay cannot be underrated. To write an exceptional scholarship essay, you need to hit the ground running right in your first paragraph. This ensures your essay stands out from the pack and puts you in a better position to achieve your goals.

2. Hiring a Professional Writer

You can easily hire a professional writer to complete the task for you quickly without compromising the quality of the essay. Remember, a scholarship is one thing that can open your doors to multiple opportunities. Therefore, you want to get it right on your first attempt. Many cheap websites claim to have professional writers that can deliver quality work to live up to your expectations only to end up in disappointments in the long run. Opting for cheap writers is never the best option, and it can come with worse consequences than you anticipated. You may check out EduBirdie to read more and understand how you can submit papers within the stipulated deadlines and propel your writing skills to a whole new level.

3. Follow all the Instructions

Nothing quickly turns a reader off than an essay that does not stick to the requirements of the contest. For scholarship essays, big money is at stake, and you want to show them that you are the deserving candidate. It is all about being realistic while sticking to the guidelines of the contest.

4. Use Correct Grammar and Punctuation

Sure, scholarship judges have several essays to read, and any petty mistake only makes it easier for them to kick your essay out. Therefore, if you are going to use incorrect punctuation and grammatical errors, then you are only giving them a reason to reject your essay. Check your spelling, commas, and pronoun agreement in addition to any other thing that could confuse the reader.

5. Avoid Redundant Conclusions

Your conclusion is just as important as the introduction. You should aim at making it interesting instead of simply rephrasing your original thesis as commonly seen in many writers. Your conclusion summarizes the main idea in your essay and tells the reader why it is important.


The Toronto Star reckons that high school learners with financial problems can easily turn those afflictions into cash with essay writing contests. The good thing is that you already have all the tips needed to write exceptional content like a pro.

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