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A wide range of academic writing tasks proves challenging to many students. What is the way out? You might be wondering. Well, buying college essays might appear to be the easiest option, but is it a great idea? Here is what you need to know about essay and assignment writing.

1. Assignment Writing in Essay Format

An assignment refers to a piece of work that you are given by your tutor to be completed outside the class time. When tasked with writing research assignments, it is definite that your research will appear in essay format. In most cases, these tasks require the same skills that one would use for academic essays.

2. Professional Assignment Writing Services

Every student is well aware of the hassle involved in completing a huge number of academic papers within short deadlines. Assignment writing can be an overwhelming task. However, professional writing services are readily available online to help you out in this regard. Most of the companies can provide a model writing assignment to help you hone your skills.

Similarly, they can also write assignments for you that serve as a guide during your whole study period. Therefore, if your current assignments give you sleepless nights, then you can easily take out the hassle involved in writing it by seeking expert help at EduBirdie. Relying on expert help can greatly boost your grades while at the same time allowing you to engage in other helpful activities such as your hobbies.

3. Assignment Writing Preparation

Tackling your assignments demands adequate planning. As already mentioned, most of the assignment tasks are presented in the form of academic essays. So, to get started on the right foot, it is highly advised to ensure you understand how to write an essay. Your lecture notes should act as the perfect starting point. These notes highlight the limits of your studies in addition to showing you some of the lectures favorite texts and authors. If the assignment requires you to carry out different information gathering procedures such as the use of questionnaires, then you will need to investigate different methods of primary research.

4. Assignment Deadlines

The difficulty is completing assignments extends beyond its complex nature. That you will have to meet the stipulated deadlines even complicates the situation further. This is a big ask for master procrastinators. However, given that missing the assignment deadlines carries severe penalties, this is the last thing you can ever wish for. Whether such a penalty is warranted is debatable, but one thing is for sure, the penalties give students motivation to ensure early planning and see to it that the assignment is handed in on time.


We all want good grades. As you can see, online writing services have indeed made it easier for students to obtain custom-made essays hassle free. Therefore, it all goes down to choosing legitimate companies that exist to serve your best interest.


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