Problem with AOL Desktop to AOL Gold Upgrade
What is AOL Desktop Gold?
AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working
AOL Desktop Gold Address Book has disappeared
An overview of AOL Desktop Gold
How to fix AOL Desktop icon not working
An overview of AOL Desktop Gold
Troubleshooting error messages in AOL Desktop Gold
Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold
Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold
Unable to upgrade from AOL Desktop to New AOL Desktop Gold. What can be done?
How to fix AOL Desktop Gold update error
How to restore disappeared AOL desktop gold icon
How to restore disappeared AOL Desktop Gold icon?
How do I backup my AOL Desktop Gold
How do I backup my AOL Desktop Gold?
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You can look at the solutions given below to Install AOL desktop Gold to the current version of AOL Desktop Gold. The process will be different for old AOL members, new AOL members and those who have a trial and subscription plan. Here you can find the solution if you are already an existing AOL user. For others, you can take the help of AOL Customer Care.

·        Download AOL Desktop Gold software from the AOL member section.

·        After the process is completed, go to the download section, locate the file, click on the setup file and install it in the system.

·        Now provide the AOL login credentials

·        After that go to ‘All products’ section and look for ‘AOL Desktop Gold Download’ button.

·        Select it and save the file

·        Then double click on this file and select the Run button to start the process of installation

·        After that when the setup asks to Import the mail from previous AOL mail, then click on Yes.

·        Lastly, you can uninstall the previous AOL version.




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