Just how to install Hella bi xenon projector in Nissan Altima

Tom ran his Nissan Sentre for over 2 years. He had anticipated upgrade halogen front lights to HID. It is a possibility to do the modification. He contacts our Aozoom shop to make a renovation of the efficiency on the headlight housing.

He tended to retrofit the OEM bulb right into HeartRay 6500K HID Light bulb that upgraded in the projector. The projector was utilized with Hella 5 bi xenon hid retrofit kit projector and suit with Aozoom ballast.

  • We took care of to open up the housing as well as took all parts away: reflector, bulbs, mask ... Because the Hella projector is bigger than the original one, it needs to fix with screws to completely aligned with the holes. 
  • Set up HeartRay HID light bulb into the projector. It is essential to examine the cutoff line before installing the housing. The line must be straight and in a correct alignment.

When everything is right, placed all up onto Sentre housing and mount the ballast. Examine the light once again for the placement.

Tom was so delighted with these ended up. He can have much better exposure over brief and also moderate range for the cross country, the low-beam cutoff being the only thing that makes them less valuable over lengthy range. That has actually attained his dream with a solid penetration illumination lighting. After all, safe driving is more crucial than every else while driving on roadway.

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