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Chic Bohemian Style for Less

Bohemian style is gaining popularity across the globe, in some places it’s a part of mainstream culture. It is hard not to have some love for this free-spirited style with it’s free flowing fabrics, bohemian patterns and chic details. Read on for our top 5 tips for chic bohemian style for less. Life is too short to be dull, so never stop exploring and never stop being stylish.

1. Welcome Vintage:

Bohemian style is closely associated with the hippie fashions of the 60s and 70s. This means vintage items from this period are a great way to own boho chic items for less. Check out your local vintage stores to find some classics at affordable prices. You may not walk away with designer brands, but you will own a unique piece.

2. Hunt Online:

We’re living in an exceptionally advanced digital era and online shopping offers consumers a plethora of choices. So why not take advantage of this? Simply search “hippie gilet”, “bohemian bag” or “boho chic dress” and explore the many options available to you. However, be aware of fake traders and sellers who are just few months old. To be on a safer side, visit Gysette – a popular destination for online bohemian chic garments offering quality and beautiful design.

3. Buy from Smaller Brands:

We don’t believe in buying a garment for the sake of a designer label. Many big names in the market are too expensive considering the quality they offer. Why not support smaller brands and local business? Many small brands still offer large selections of stylish garments and you’re sure to walk away with something unique and artisan.

4. Let your Hair Down:

Let your hair down and keep it natural for a chic bohemian look. Alternatively, you can sport a loose braid or a few wavy curls. If you have naturally curly hair just wash, dry and rock your natural locks. Now isn’t that easy and cost effective?

5. Accessorize to the Max:

Accessories are a great way to incorporate chic bohemian pieces into your wardrobe and they are less expensive then whole outfits. Think big bags, chunky jewellery, floppy hats and embroidered tunics. Mix and match them into your wardrobe however you like to truly make it your own. 

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