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The Science Behind Protein Shakes. How It Works!

If you have a gym membership and are currently going to a gym, there is a high chance that you have at least heard about protein shakes. These shakes are the go-to method for bodybuilders to gain muscle mass. Available in the form of a powder, these protein shakes can be mixed in water and consumed both before and after a workout. The theory behind the consumption of these shakes is that they can provide the protein you need for rebuilding the muscles that get broken down when you exercise. Is this theory sound? Is there scientific evidence to back up this theory? Do protein shakes work? Read on to find out.

A Good Source of Amino Acids

Protein shakes are a good source of different kinds of amino acids. The body uses these amino acids for the purpose of building muscles. There are a total of nine essential amino acids that are needed for muscle growth. Protein shakes contain all of them. While you can get them from the food you consume, it is difficult to get them in the appropriate amount. This is especially the case for young athletes who are trying to gain muscle mass. They need high amounts of amino acids and protein shakes can help in this regard.

How to Consume Protein Shakes

If you are planning on using protein shakes, it is important to know how to consume them properly. The dosage of these shakes needs to be regulated if they are to have a positive effect on your muscle growth. Consume too much and you leave yourself vulnerable to different diseases. Similarly, if you donít take enough, it wonít have the desired impact. So, knowing the right dosage is key. Do keep in mind that there is no one right dosage. It all depends on your body weight and the amount of protein you intake in your regular diet. 

When to Take Protein Shakes

Most people think that protein shakes should be taken immediately after a workout. However, it isnít the case. You need to take carbohydrates before and after a workout. The protein is needed for muscle recovery. Thus, it should be consumed at any time throughout the day but not in the immediate vicinity of your workout.  

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