Engagement rings

The basics of buying an engagement ring

If you want to give your special girl one of the beautiful gold engagement rings, you will have to pay close attention to some expert advice. Buying a perfect ring should be a right decision. Not only are you going to spend a considerable sum of money, but also youíre going to buy a thing that will become a lifelong symbol of the most significant relationship of your life.

Shopping from a jeweller

There are various options for purchasing a ring from a trusted jeweller. Possibly, you could buy a traditional ring from auction or shop, however, if you require a new ring it would be great to visit a number of jewellers to evaluate what is accessible on the marketplace. It is important to keep in mind that leading high-street jewellers are certainly costlier than the normal jewellery store, so it would be better to visit as many various stores as possible. Also, remember that jewellers are too busy at the time of Valentine´s Day and Christmas. August is considered as the slowest month in the year, so you can get the best possible deal during this month. Ensure that you go through this checklist when you visit a jewellery store.

  • Make sure that the jewellery store has a solid local and long-standing reputation
  • Make sure that their staff have a good genealogical knowledge and seek unexplained and gratuitous jargon.
  • Make sure that the store is capable to sell you diamonds with the popular gemological certificate. Also, donít forget to keep the original certificate instead of taking a copy.
  • Make sure that the store from where you are planning to buy one of the best engagement rings is a trade association member.
  • Make sure that the store gives you a comprehensive receipt with your product. This is very important for any future repair or possible insurance claim.
  • Make sure that the owner of a store has a bust repair service. This is a good sign of customer trust.
  • Find out which guarantees and warranties does the store provide and read them carefully.

On the web

Making the purchase of diamond rings online is not suggested as you should see the diamonds personally so that you can easily get to know all the intricate details. If you prefer doing that, make sure to purchase certified stones and look for the possible duty charges and delivery terms if purchasing from an overseas website. 

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