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After hearing praises about the famous virtual assistant Echo Alexa you seize the day by acquiring it. However, you have become the proud owner of this AI based device but you donít know echo alexa customer support then without making any hassle avail the help of customer care. The technicians will deliver the techniques to perform the setup steps in a manner that is quite understandable by anyone.

Echo Alexa is a hands-free voice controlled device which responds to the voice command and plays the music, report weather, news and read audio books and so much more. But before this you need to setup the device and start giving commands to the small smart speaker:

How to set up Echo Dot

echo alexa customer support phone number

Search Alexa App in Play store or Apple store

Then download the compatible version of Alexa according to Android or iPhone or tablet

Once the installation process is complete, Echo Alexa will be launched automatically

Turn on the Echo Dot

Keep the device in the central and flat position

Connect the cables properly and plug the cable in power supply and turn it on

Alexa will greet you once the light turned orange

Connect to Wi-Fi

Your phone will try to connect automatically with Echo Dot

Donít forget to sign into your Amazon account by accepting Terms of Service

Open the App and select the available Wi-Fi networks and connect to this network by entering the password and you can save it for the future

Talk to Alexa

Select how you want to hear the echo either from Bluetooth or audio cables or without speaker

To get started, use the wake word and say Hello to the Alexa if it responds back then it simply means you have successfully setup the Echo Dot

If the Alexa does not respond then you must have missed something so without wasting time get in touch with echo alexa customer service available at all time irrespective of location. The professionals who are well versed in solving queries related to Echo Dot will understand the issue first then will deliver the complete and effective solution.

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