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How to fix slow HP Computer

HP Computers are widely used by a large number of people. HP is the brand of trust. Be it in terms of laptops, computers or printers, people prefer HP as their first choice. But a computer being an electronically run device tends to misbehave with the passage of time. Users of this brand computers often complain about their PC being slow. There can be innumerable reasons behind the device running slow. But you must analyze the root cause first and then derive a proper solution. If you think that fixing the slow computer is not your task, then try getting in touch with HP customer Service Number that stays online 247.

The computer running slow often happens with the users of Windows 10, especially after the update. If you feel capable of handling the issue at your end then try following the given troubleshooting steps to fix the issue without any expert assistance.

Pre troubleshooting:

Before you initiate with the actual troubleshooting steps, try performing the undermentioned ones to try fixing the issue at this stage only.

Make sure there is enough space on the hard drive of the device.

Update the BIOS

Update the graphics driver using device manager

Troubleshooting steps to fix the slow HP Computer

You must ensure to perform the steps or the guidelines in the manner they are given so as to solve the issue one for all. By doing so you will even be able to fix such issues, if arise in near future too.

Regularly maintain your device by using appropriate tools and updates

Do check for the corrupted Windows system files, if any

Manage applications and system features to increase performance

Look out for how your computer uses the memory

Reduce heat inside the computer to prevent overheating

Upgrade memory, as and when required

There is no need to get disappointed if the above steps do not work for you. You can always reach out to HP tech support number where much needed and instant assistance will be provided by the customer support executives who are trained professionals in dealing with such issues. HP customer support is very well known for handling the issues and dealing with the users patiently and providing them with long-term solutions without any difficulties.

Source URL : https://www.billspayroll.com/how-to-fix-slow-hp-computer/

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