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How to fix Windows sending print jobs to the wrong HP printer

Printers are found everywhere, be it at home or in offices. It is an inevitable device of our life. People need a printer for fulfilling printing related requirements. With the passage of time, printers have evolved to a great extent and due to some of the additions, user confronts with problems. If you are also encountering some issues related to printing jobs, then it is advised to get in touch with HP Customer Support Number, which can be reached at any time of the day.

If you are unable to print or the jobs are being printed in a different printer then it is important to know certain aspects to troubleshoot over the printer and computer. There can be many reasons behind the print jobs being sent to the wrong printer like settings not properly done, printer software had not been updated since long or other network issues.

Solution: Fixing the issue of windows sending print jobs to the wrong printer

Method 1: Select the right printer: it is common for the printers to connect to a server or in a wireless mode, so you must select the right printer. For doing that, open the printer preferences and select the printer before restarting the machine as it could help you fix the problem quickly

Method 2: Restart the computer and printer: by restarting or updating most of the electronic devices, users nearly get the solution. Restoring both computer and printer can also fix the bugs

Method 3: Reinstall all the drivers: the driver play a major role while working on a printer. It is necessary to have supportive software to interact with the hardware equipment on a regular basis. Ensure to update all the drivers or to reinstall online, as it will help in refreshing the drivers so the system can perform in a smooth way.

Even after trying the above methods, the issue does not get fixed then try reaching out to HP Customer Care Number where the technicians will help in providing an effective and permanent solution to your issue.

Source URL : https://www.billspayroll.com/how-to-fix-windows-sending-print-jobs-to-the-wrong-hp-printer/

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