Black Dresses And Sunglasses That A Woman Must Have In Her Closet

There are over thirty types of dresses and Designer Glasses Frames that have been designed for the different shapes of the body. Fashion bloggers and magazines always assert that a woman must always have a little black dress and sunglass in her closet as it suits almost all types of occasions whether it is for work wear, going out with your girlfriends or even a black-tie event. However, not all types of black dresses and sunglasses have the same effect and there are seven gowns that must be in a womanís closet.

A casual maxi

This effortless black casual maxi dress and Prescription Glasses Online will help you run you errands, just for a casual meet up with friends or for a spur of the moment date. Not only will you look great, but you will feel great. During the summer, this dress will look perfect with a chic pair of gladiator sandals.

A slip dress

A slip styled dress in black with Designer Optical Frames can be used to dress up or dress own depending on how you pair your accessories and jewelry. If you want a casual look with the slip just pair it with an oversized sweater or if you want the quick and quirky casual Ė wear a strappy pair of sandals.

A sheath dress

If you want a formal style for a day at office, a sheath dress and a pair of nice pumps will do the trick. If you want to look professional, just wear a blazer. For a cocktail party, a sheath dress will be perfect with a statement necklace and strappy heels.

The flare

A classic skater or flared dress with Ray Ban Sunglasses is perfect for a casual look by wearing a pair of ballet flats. You can wear a pair of pumps with jewels for an evening outing, especially on a date.

The lace dress

The classic lace is very glamorous. This outfit can be kept simple by adding a pair of classic pumps and a beautiful ladylike handbag. Donít forget to wear some deep red lipstick and big statement earrings.

The party dress

Doesnít matter if the dress has jewels, feathers or ruffles, but every woman must have a black party dress that will make her look extra spicy and festive. Leaving your accessories to a minimum let the main focus is on the dress.

A fabulous

It can get a little difficult to put together an out for a black-tie event. A long black gown should always be ready in the closet in case you donít find what you are looking for at the store. Wear some chandelier earrings, a choker or a collar necklace, a bracelet will be just enough to make you look very well dressed and sophisticated.

If you wonít have these seven types of dresses, itís time that you start making a purchase once a month and complete the little black collection of dresses.

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