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Download AOL Gold 

The latest version of AOL desktop has various new updates which make users work easy. If you are using the old version of AOL desktop and getting trouble to upgrade it. Simply you can AOL Download Gold on your device. If you want to know about the updates this blog will help you. Have a glance at the updates of AOL Desktop Gold one by one, if you find this software better than earlier opt to install it.

Simple to install: The installation process of AOL desktop gold is simple. Therefore users don’t need to be frustrated. They can download it via AOL official website & then install it.

Auto update features:  The latest version of AOL desktop Gold has automatic updating functions. Users no need to rush for updating software.

Two-step verification process: This software has two-step verification process, which is best for the point for security. Your account cannot be miss-used by anyone.

Advanced Technology: Developers of AOL desktop has used advanced technology. That’s why it has improved the speed with high performance.

Customized fonts & text options: Users of this software have the freedom to personalize their preferences, style, text by changing fonts & text sizes.

Recovery of Old Data: Whenever users want they can recover their old data for instance username, passwords, toolbar icons etc to the new account. If users want they can import the file manually.

Updated Browser: With the help of this software, users can save all “favorites” & “Toolbar” quickly. If users want they can load their favorites websites faster than ever before.

These all are the reasons why should you choose the latest version of AOL desktop software. Visit the official site of AOL and download it. If you have any kind of trouble to AOL Gold Download Center ask customer care to help you. Customer care service is always available to resolve their customer’s issues. You can find the solutions for any kind of issues related to AOL desktop Gold if you will get in touch with experts.


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