Managed cPanel Dedicated Server

Know the Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server

Initially, most of the people select shared hosting for their personal or business website. Hope you know that shared hosting is just a web hosting account on which you can easily host your website with websites of other people. This type of hosting is reasonable because some other websites are sharing the servers resources. The disadvantage of this server is that your website must share the resources like memory and processing power. In case a website uses a poor script it can take down the complete server. So, without your fault, your website will even go down, in short your business will hamper.

In case your online business is work critical and you need to stay away from suffering any slowness or downtime, your best choice is your own dedicated server. And in case you are not at all technological then the wonderful decision of all is a Managed Dedicated Server. This type of web server is fully managed for you by your web hosting service provider. You would not need complete root access to it but you can get a CPanel that you utilize to set up your website. Thus, similar to shared web hosting, except it is yours with just your sites utilizing it. This must be quite a costly option but costs have go down as there are many hosting service providers that offer fully and Semi-Dedicated Hosting servers at reasonable price.

Next advantage of your personal dedicated server is that you can easily install any program you want. If comes to shared web hosting then you are just use the available or pre-installed components or software and it can be restrictive. In case it is fully Managed cPanel Dedicated Server then your hosting service provider will install the program on behalf of you and they can make a small charge of installation.

You can even get somewhat more disk space to use to effectively run your website. In case the hard disk drive on the web server is 100 GB then you can utilize approximately 94 GB of that for your software and websites. And with the help of a dedicated web server you can get far more superior bandwidth to use than you will on a shared web hosting. Actually, there are different types of web hosting service providers that now offering per month 1 terabyte bandwidth. It is more than sufficient for most web based businesses.

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