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Following the other interviews with blogger that we have been publishing, today we cross the Atlantic Ocean to speak with Denise Tonin , author of the excellent blog Solo Traveler.

When I started my digital marketing career actively in 2013, one of the first people who had experience and who was already in the market that helped me the most was Denise Tonin . She was and still is a specialist in digital marketing, especially Pinterest, and this social network has grown in importance year after year.

As I wanted to be successful in this social network I found in the free documents, advice and tips of Denise Toninan excellent support, as I always considered that your willingness to discuss related issues would be a good example for me and my work at Beat Digital.

Some years later, it happens that I and Denise Tonin share a friendship not only motivated by the active interest in the digital marketing sector, but we also have in common the pleasure of travel, culminating in both cases with the creation of our respective blogs.

However, the solo traveler fulfills a unique mission, without any parallel in the travel blogosphere that I know: it is mainly intended for solitary travelers , who live the adventure of starting to discover new experiences without the company of a friend, girlfriend or family member .

The Solo Traveler has been online since 2014 and was the first blog in Brazil to talk specifically about solo travel. Today it is aimed primarily at women who are already traveling alone and for women who want to experience this fascinating experience with the articles reflecting the authors personal and real experiences.

I assure all our readers that it is a worthy work that fills a real gap in the market.

For all this, we strongly encourage you to read our full interview with Denise Tonin. But before that still remains to be thanked for the availability, friendliness and spirit of sharing of the author of the blog, whose mission is not limited to tips for solo travelers, but also integrates planning, security, roadmaps, transportation, points of interest, gastronomy and shopping.

Check out the full interview with Denise Tonin from Solo Traveler

World of Travel (MV): What was the main reason for the birth of the blog?

Denise Tonin (DT): In 2013 I made a trip to Canada and on one of the train tracks I started to think: do many women also do as I do and travel alone? Why is there so little information on the internet about women traveling alone? I kept thinking about it and the idea of ​​the blog came up, but it was saved.

Since then, I have begun to think more about the subject and realize that many women stopped traveling for lack of company or even for pure fear and insecurity. I decided then in 2014 to start delving into the subject and to write about my experiences traveling alone.

(MV): What is the mission of the project?

(DT): Sharing experiences  that I have lived for more than 15 years traveling alone with the goal of encouraging more women to do the same and exploring new destinations in their own company, without fear and safety. 

(MV): How regularly do you post new posts?

(DT): I try to publish weekly whenever possible, but sometimes I can not account for traveling or also because of my work as webdesigner.

(MV): Do you work in an amateur or professional way?

(DT): When I started it was just a hobby and by the end of 2015, when I left the private initiative, I started to work the project professionally by establishing an editorial line, a niche and also working with affiliate programs for blog monetization . Soon after, I began to draw up a plan for launching my own products.

(MV): Does project survival depend on blog monetization (advertising, affliate programs , sponsored posts)?

(DT): No, it does not. To date I have not accepted any sponsored post proposals, as some companies make proposals completely out of the reality, both financially and in terms of content (products that are not related to the theme of the blog). I work with affiliate program, however it is not the main focus.

During the year 2017 I dedicated to the creation of own products such as the Travelling Solo Program, aimed at women and everything online, which shows the step by step to plan a trip alone in an intelligent, economic and safe way.

I also launched, in partnership with a travel agency, the project voyage for women with Denise Tonin There are two routes for 2018: Portugal, Spain and Morocco & France, Greece & Italy.

It may seem strange for me to write about traveling alone and to set up group trips, but I see that some women find it more difficult to start traveling. The reasons are: fear and insecurity of making the first trip alone, not speaking English and many would like to travel in groups for finding more fun and to make new friends with people who have the same interests.

We link the useful to the enjoyable and we create completely different itineraries from the travel packages sold by the agencies so that the participants have a wonderful experience and come back empowered to continue to pioneer the world in the way they think best for their travel style.

(MV): Is there any kind of partnership with other blogs or brands? If so, what is its scope?

(DT): Solo Traveler is a member of two entities that represent travel bloggers in Brazil: ABBV (Brazilian Association of Bloggers of Travels) and RBBV (Brazilian Network of Bloggers of Travels) and there maintain the relationship with other blogs , but there is no concrete partnership.

In relation to brands, throughout the year I develop projects for destinations that I intend to meet and many of them receive support from the DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations), as well as hotels and companies related to the tourism sector.

(MV): Do you compare flights before you book your air tickets? What are the best travel agents do you suggest?

Yes, comparing flights is always good and I use Travangelo for this purpose. Dream World Travel Agency UK is the travel agents I used to book my tickets and they offer amazing discounts on following destinations:

(MV): Is the blog open to receive new collaborators or is it a closed project in this respect?

(DT): At the moment I do not have collaborators, but I intend that the Solo Traveler will grow more and more, and for that, it will be necessary to have other people working on the project, not only in content production, but also in other areas like editing videos and photos, SEO, etc. For now, everything is done by me.

Anyway, I am always open, mainly, to the readers who share their experiences of trips in the column I was Alone.

(MV): How important is social networking for the project?

Nowadays social networks are of extreme importance for any business, however we have to prioritize, since it is almost impossible to be present at all without an assisting team. 82% of my traffic comes from Google, followed by Facebook, where I manage a community with more than 16,000 women. I work more with Facebook and Instagram, but my focus and priority is always the blog.

(MV): Would you like to have this blog one day evolve from the Internet to become a business, brand, service or company?

(DT): Solo Traveler is already a registered trademark and a small company with its own products that have been trying to grow day by day. The projects for 2018 are already designed and the idea is to launch new products always geared towards women and solo travel.

(MV): What is the balance (against the objectives, results and feedback of users) that can be done today of this project?

(DT): The balance I can make of the last year is extremely positive, as I had a traffic growth of more than 50%, and a great acceptance in relation to the products created. This gives more motivation to continue investing in this editorial line and in the public that I established as an ideal.

(MV): And now, finally, what advice or tips can you give to bloggers who are starting now in this type of online projects?

(DT): Every day, many travel blogs and online projects are launched and I see that many of the authors have no idea of ​​the work behind a project like that. Its not just writing about travel, for example. To grow we also have to dedicate ourselves to learning about image editing, videos, SEO, digital marketing and the list does not stop growing. My advice is:

Study the market in which you will act and see what is being done

Get to know your target audience: who you are and what you are looking for

Establish a niche to work

I believe this will help you get started and have a well-defined project with many chances of growth.

And last but not least: do not give up on your project! Growth is slow but with dedication and patience it comes!

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